Harnessing your alumni power is one of the best ways to deepen relationships and find new opportunities to grow your business. Embed your alumni in any client or business development effort you undertake.

Develop a robust alumni program to engage with lawyers and alumni to build lasting and trusting relationships and to use these relationships to create new business prospects for your firm. 

We guide you on how to make your alumni your most effective supporters and advocates.

Building relationships with your alumni starts in the beginning. Really. It begins with employee recruitment and continues with a robust in-house experience. And if they get that exciting opportunity to work in-house for a company or decide that they want to move to another law firm, your help and support for their career will make supportive alumni.

Here is what we can do for you to put that alumni program in place. 

  • Analysis: we review and evaluate alumni data, existing tools, resources, processes, potentials risks, budget constraints. The most important element in this effort is to know who your alumni are and where they are.
  • Plan: we gather requirements and build program objectives, scope, deliverables, milestones, change management plan.
  • Implementation: we act as central point, driving the initiative with marketing leads and lawyers. We execute all deliverables, including the alumni website and the new alumni communication (i.e. newsletter, blog, podcasts). We help promote the initiative internally and externally. 
  • Relationship liaison: setting up your alumni engagement program is complex. It requires good coordination among several teams internally and externally. We bridge the gap between legal marketers and HR, IT, technology vendors, even legal marketers and lawyer/leadership stakeholders.
  • Support: we actively participate in the recruitment of the new alumni team.
  • Training and transition: we help your new alumni team get acclimated quickly.

Three steps to alumni engagement