Today's fierce competition in the legal industry means that law firms must compete and market themselves aggressively. Going beyond legal skills, firms must devote their energy to enhance their client relationships. 

We develop your focused client development approach to build deep client relationships.

We help you develop the right client relationship management program(s) to grow your business, build deep client relationships and enhance your clients' trust in you.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Data analysis: knowledge is power. If you don't know who your clients are and what you do for them, it is difficult to make decisions on how to bring in new business or how to deepen the relationship. We conduct an analysis of your data to support the approach we must take to realize your objectives.
  • Research: we conduct research - using internal and external sources - analyze, evaluate and identify prospects and clients with recommendations for action steps.
  • Classification: we develop your own client classification system to help your stakeholders make business and go to market decisions. How you classify your clients helps chart the client relationship strategy that is right for you.
  • Client feedback: we develop your client feedback program to help your client team efforts.
  • Client teams: we develop a client team program tailored to you to build deep relationships with your clients and to root the relationship in trust. 
  • Support: we develop client team tools to support team efforts for relationship development and opportunity pursuit, and client feedback templates and tools to analyze the feedback received, to report on its findings, and to identify action plans for follow up.
  • Training: we deploy customized training seminars for client team and client feedback efforts to put client feedback to action and to build strong client relationships.