How can you use technology to simplify your marketing and business development efforts? It is quite overwhelming to keep up and sift through all the marketing technology options that are available today and the options keep growing.

However, what works for one firm may not be what you need. Perhaps the best technology software in the market is not the right tool for you.

There is no cookie-cutter solution. We build your own.

Let’s work hand in hand to look at what you want to achieve and what works best for you.

We will provide you with:

  • Analysis: we provide your needs assessment for business objectives, tools and processes.
  • MarTech roadmap: we advise and develop your marketing technology roadmap.
  • Processes: do you have processes in place now? We can review them and optimize them. No process in place? No problem. We will build processes for efforts that have a technology tool component (for example, experience management and marketing mailing lists).
  • Implementation: we act as central point for all new technology projects, driving the initiative with the marketing leads.
  • Relationship liaison: technology implementation projects need good coordination among several teams internally and externally. We bridge the gap between legal marketers and IT, legal marketers and technology vendors, even legal marketers and lawyer/leadership stakeholders.
  • Support: detailed documentation for processes is a must. Count on us to produce it for you.
  • Training: we provide tailored training seminars for legal marketers, lawyers and their assistants for new tools and processes.

Recent projects

  • Experience management solution.
  • Pitch and proposal system application.
  • CRM system implementation.
  • Marketing technology processes for marketing and business development activities.