Onboarding your employees right is critical for that first impression and for retention. You should not stop there, however. If the onboarding process is critical, nurturing your talent and helping it grow its potential is equally important. You must have a well thought-out plan for enabling your employees’ learning and professional development. A formal learning and development program shows that you invest in your people. It is a competitive advantage for you in the recruitment stage, if compared with a competitor organization that is perceived as lacking in that. 

Connected and committed employees are loyal, more productive and able contributors to your business.

We help you get it right to engage talent and enable performance in your team.

We have worked with legal marketers on what they value and what they need. We can help you develop the right onboarding, learning and development programs for you.

Here is what we can do:

  • Assessment: we conduct surveys to get feedback from marketing and HR teams. Our due diligence extends as needed to others to develop the right requirements for setting program objectives, and developing tools and processes.
  • Program plan: we conduct workshops with teams and develop program objectives, scope, deliverables, milestones, change management plan.
  • Implementation: we drive the implementation for you making sure it goes smoothly. We provide regular status updates, work with the project team and stakeholders to meet milestones and address any risks that may pop up during this time. We execute all deliverables, including program websites and integrations, team communication (i.e. newsletter, blog, podcasts). We help promote the initiative internally and externally. 
  • Research: we review and evaluate website as well as learning vendors, if these are program objectives. 
  • RFP development: we prepare the request for proposal (RFP) and guide the review and selection of vendors, if the firm commits to engage a website vendor and/or incorporate a learning experience platform.
  • Support: we develop your onboarding process, new hire checklists, hiring manager checklists, templates, and tools that are part and parcel of onboarding and learning and development programs.
  • Training: we plan with you and support the training seminars for legal marketers and trainers.