Legal marketers can benefit from good project management practices in order to launch an initiative, a product, a new technology tool, or simply execute daily tasks. Key focus should be on delivering a quality product, timely and efficiently, and to the client’s satisfaction.

We help you make sure that you will achieve it all.

We can help you with project management services for any one of your projects. We can also empower your team with project management skills and help you develop your processes for business improvement, streamlining all work, providing efficiency and operational excellence. 

This is what we do for you:

  • Assessment: whatever the project may be, it is always wise to start with assessments to gather feedback from stakeholders, understand the pain points and identify the best approach.
  • Plan: we take the lead on developing all plan aspects, from project initiation to the project plan and the change management plan. Throughout this phase, we work with you to solidify project objectives and deliverables, the project scope and timeline, and agree on the action plan until launch and beyond. 
  • Implementation: we drive the implementation for you making sure it goes smoothly. We provide regular status updates, work with the project team and stakeholders to meet milestones and address any risks that may pop up during this time.
  • Relationship liaison: we are the business point of contact for the project team and responsible for all planning and implementation activities. We are the project sponsors' liaison with IT, technology vendors, legal marketers, lawyers, and other stakeholders.
  • Prioritization matrix: we always test if the priorities we set are in the right order. The prioritization matrix is a methodology, tailored to a project or a team’s activities, to organize projects and activities (you can even use it on a daily basis).
  • Processes: we evaluate existing processes or develop new ones to streamline your operations and achieve efficiency while maintaining quality and operational excellence.
  • Support: we develop survey questionnaires and requirements assessments tailored to the project based on your objectives; we create training material for the project launch and beyond. We create tools and manuals, if the project requires it, and we document recommendations in the final report. 
  • Training: we help you develop the right tailored training seminars for legal marketers, lawyers and other stakeholders.

Representative work

  • Client feedback survey.
  • CRM system implementation.
  • Experience management solution.
  • Marketing infrastructure plan for nonprofit organization.
  • Merger integration (acted on behalf of the marketing department).


Let us prepare your prioritization matrix for you. Tell us how you want it to help you.